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Architectural Control Guidelines

Updated November 12, 2019




















These Architectural Control Committee (ACC) guidelines are designed to assist the ACC and owners in the Hasley Hills community through the architectural review process. These guidelines compliment, support, and should be used in conjunction with the CC&Rs, Article 9.  The ACC review process is designed to create and preserve a community that is attractive, livable, and protective of property values.




Mission Statement:  The ACC shall set and enforce reasonable standards in order to ensure that the homeowner’s proposed plans are harmonious to the exterior design and existing materials of the Hasley Hills Community. The ACC shall consider and approve all plans and specifications submitted for its approval only if it deems that: (a) the construction, alterations, or additions contemplated thereby and the locations indicated will not be detrimental to the appearance of the surrounding area of the project as a whole; (b) the appearance of any structure affected thereby will be in harmony with surrounding structures; (c) the construction thereof will not detract from the beauty, wholesomeness and attractiveness of the common property, or the enjoyment thereof of the owners; and (d) the upkeep and maintenance thereof will not become a burden on the association. The ACC may condition its approval of proposals or plans and specifications for any improvement: (a) on such changes therein as it deems appropriate, (b) upon the agreement by the person submitting the same to grant appropriate easements to the association for the maintenance of the improvement, or (c) upon the agreement of the person submitting the same to reimburse the association for the cost of such maintenance, or all of the above, and may require submission of additional plans and specifications or other information prior to approving or disapproving the submission. The ACC will perform other duties, from time to time, as necessary, including the inspection of construction and progress to review for conformance with the plans approved by the ACC. It is the goal of the ACC to work with each homeowner in a respectful and professional manner.


Policy. All owners must submit an application and plan for approval to the ACC and that plan must be approved prior to commencement of any work.  The Committee will review plans, materials, site plan, colors and/or landscaping plan to ensure compliance with ACC guidelines. No construction of any kind shall be commenced until plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Committee. Architectural request forms are available by contacting the homeowners association’s management company, www.hasleyhillshoa.org. Completed applications and plans should be sent to the management company, and will then be forwarded to the ACC. If a homeowner does not seek architectural approval from the ACC, and a project is completed that is not in compliance with the ACC guidelines, then the Association is authorized to require the owner’s lot be brought into compliance with ACC guidelines through any and all legal remedies, such as imposing fines on a recurring basis and/or requiring removal of the alteration.


General land use requirements and building codes are established and compliance with them is the responsibility of the county building department. Homeowners are responsible for obtaining any necessary building permits, variances, exceptions, inspections, or other governmental approvals before starting any construction work. The homeowner’s association assumes no responsibility for the structural integrity, safety features, mechanical operation or building code compliance of the proposed construction. Procuring a permit from the county does not convey ACC approval.

Committee Discretion. These guidelines do not cover every possible situation that may require ACC approval. As it applies, the ACC is authorized to exercise discretion in approving or disapproving a specific proposal. In some special cases, the Committee, with special approval from the Board of Directors, may approve a proposal that may conflict with a standard set forth in this manual. This approval does not constitute a precedent for future requests.




Procedure. All proposals for improvements to any lot must be submitted to the Committee through the management company with a completed application prior to the start of the proposed action.  Approval by the ACC must be received before any project is started. A completed application shall mean:

a)       Three copies of the ACC application, including signatures of all surrounding neighbors. If neighbors are unwilling to sign the application form giving their consent, the circumstances of the neighbor’s refusal must be sent in a letter by the homeowner along with the application. Neighbor approval or disapproval will be a factor considered by the ACC and will not be binding upon the ACC.

b)       Three copies of the plans and specifications for each part of the project. The plans and specifications must be detailed enough to ensure that the ACC can easily determine exactly what materials, designs, colors, and dimensions will be used to complete the project. The proposal should contain a property plot plan with present and proposed structures, relevant surrounding features, landscaping plans, including plants listed by species, sketches with dimensions, and color and material samples whenever possible.


The Committee shall have forty-five (45) days to review a submittal. The ACC will consider any possible influence on surrounding properties and will concentrate on maintaining the architectural style and harmony established by the builder. After review, one copy of the submittal will be retained by the Committee for their files. One will be retained by the management company. The other will be returned to the applicant marked with one of the following:


"Approved" (project approved as submitted)

"More information required" (Missing information noted. Plan is not approved as is.)

"Not approved" (reasons noted on drawings and forms)


An incomplete submittal will be returned to the applicant marked “Not Approved”. It is the owner's responsibility to apply for and pay all fees for permits and inspections required by the governing authorities and codes.


Appeal. There is no automatic right of appeal of a decision by the ACC. An applicant may petition the Board for a review of the Committee's decision by submitting a written statement to the Board, explaining the issue and the proposed solution. A majority of the Directors must agree that a review is appropriate and will notify the applicant within 30 days after the applicant's statement is received of the acceptance or denial of the petition, and any conditions. The Board may set procedural limitations for the review, including restricting the scope of the review to specific issues and limiting the time that the applicant may speak.


Completion. All construction shall be commenced and completed within a reasonable amount of time. Homeowners should estimate the time they will need to complete the project on their application form. Any individual improvement, once commenced, must be worked on continuously, until completed. Owners are required to give written notice to the ACC via the management company of the completion of any project. The written notice should include pictures of the completed project. Inspection of any project’s progress or completion may be done in accordance with the CC&R’s, section 9.11. Cleanup of any project should be done all throughout the duration of any project, and at its conclusion. Effort should be made to have as little impact on the street, sidewalk, common areas, and surrounding neighbors as possible.  Once a project is complete, any affected street, sidewalk, or common area must be cleaned and returned to its pre-construction state immediately. Consult CC&Rs 9.10(b).


Enforcement Process. Violations of the ACC policy or guidelines may be reported by any homeowner in writing to the ACC, via the management company.  Reported violations must include specific details of what part of the project being reported does not comply with the ACC policy or guidelines.  Violations will generally be processed in the following manner but some circumstances may require a different action:


(a) An ACC representative will pull the plan for the improvement that was submitted by the homeowner, if it exists, and then inspect the alleged violations.


(b) If the ACC determines that the alleged violation requires corrective action, the ACC will notify the management company to send a letter to the violator. The letter will state the nature of the violation and the proposed corrective action to be taken. The letter will require the violator to provide a written plan of what corrective action will be taken to the ACC within 30 days of the date of letter.


(c) If no satisfactory response is received within thirty (30) days of the letter, the Committee will turn the matter over to the Board for further action as provided in the CC&Rs.




The following is not an exhaustive list, but instead a guide to avoiding the most commonly seen problems with plans. All improvements to any lots, even those not mentioned in this list, require approval prior to commencement of the project. Projects which require approval include landscaping (if the mature height of the plant will be more than 48 inches, or if a new planting bed will be created), installation of sprinklers, drainage, hardscape, including sidewalks, walkways, driveways, patios, and pool decks, pools, spas, patio covers, decks, gazebos, BBQs, fire pits (gas only, wood burning fire pits are not approved), sheds, additions, fences, walls, painting, ponds, and any other type of major construction to the exterior of the residence.


Patio Covers.  Patio covers may only be built with three types of covers. These are open lattice, shade bars, or a solid roof. If the patio has a solid roof, it must be covered in roof tiles that exactly match the roof tiles on the main residence, as installed by the builder, in both material and color. Asphalt shingles, rolled roofing, hot mopped roofs, and tar paper roofs are NOT approved. Shade bars may only be constructed of dimensional lumber, spaced not less than two inches apart. Plans should specify which of the three approved types of covers will be built.


Walk Out Decks. Deck floors will only be constructed of standard decking materials. Elevated decks must have access via a door from the second floor of the residence and/or permanent stairs from the ground up. All decks must include railings built to code. Plans must specify exactly what type and color of decking material will be used.



Walls. Extensions of slumpstone walls must be slumpstone to exactly match the existing wall. Extensions of walls may be no higher above grade than the existing wall. Retaining walls must be slumpstone to exactly match the existing walls. Sitting walls, thirty (30) inches tall or less, that (T) into slumpstone walls may be constructed of stucco, rock, slumpstone, or other masonry materials.  Wood, vinyl, and other materials will not be approved. If a wall that (T)’s into a slumpstone wall will not be constructed of slumpstone, a bush or other vegetation may be required to block the joint from view.


Fences. Fences must be black iron/metal to match the community standard.  No wood, vinyl, or other color fences will be approved.


Drainage. Adequate drainage must be provided whenever adding hardscape or changing the existing swail as installed by the builder. Drainage must not affect neighbors’ property or common property.


Temporary Storage Boxes. A storage box is defined as a pre- fabricated, portable storage unit. Acceptable storage units include only those made of a heavy duty, plastic type material. Examples would be those made by Rubbermaid, Tuff Shed, or other comparable brands. They are widely available at most home improvement stores. Storage boxes will usually be approved with very little scrutiny, provided that they are nearly entirely screened from the street in front of the house, except pitched roof peaks may extend approximately one foot above fences. Plans should specify storage box dimensions, colors, manufacturer, and what landscaping or materials will be used to screen it from view. Include a photo if possible. Storage boxes made of wood, aluminum, or other metals will not be approved.


Permanent Sheds.  Permanent sheds are defined as permanent storage units. They have a foundation and may only be constructed with stucco walls and a roof that are identical to those installed on the main home by the builder in both color and materials.  For all permanent sheds, include in your plan a photo or a very detailed drawing of what the finished shed will look like, including dimensions, colors, and roofing materials.  Sheds must be placed or nearly entirely screened from view from the street in front of the house, except pitched roof peaks may extend approximately one foot above fences. Plans must show the exact location of the shed on the lot, and what materials or landscaping will be used to screen it from view.


Painting. The only automatically approved colors for painting a house or trim will be the original color scheme applied by the builder. Any change to the color of the outside of the house must be approved in advance by the ACC. Any changes to house and trim color must be from the color palette available from the builder at the time of construction.


Roofs. The only approved roofing material for residences or additions to residences is roof tiles that exactly match those installed by the builder in both color and material. Skylights must be approved by the ACC prior to being installed.

Garage Doors. Garage doors to consist of four horizontal aluminum style garage door panels that roll up on a track (no swing-ups). Each panel consists of eight horizontal squares per panel. The top panel may have windows of any design that are either clear or frosted. The paint to be the approved color scheme for the house.




Landscaping Design. All Lots shall be landscaped in a manner that is harmonious and compatible with the overall landscape of the neighborhood. Colored rocks for ground cover in place of a front lawn will not be permitted. ACC plans should list exactly what type of landscaping will be installed, including listing plants by




Click here for print version  pdflogoSml.gif (231 bytes)

Tracking Number:______________________


Please review the CC&R’s and/or Architectural Guidelines for compliance with the Association. 
Please forward this completed request, along with two (2) copies of your proposed home
improvement plans to:

Infinity Management
27202 Turnberry Lane
Suite #:  210
Valencia, Ca 91355

Attn: Rowena Lanzanas    

rowena@ipsmanage.com or Fax: 661-261-6366 or mail


Name:                                                                                     Date:                                                                                                                       

Address:_______________________________ Castaic, CA  91384                                 

Home Phone:__________________ Work Phone:________________  Cell Phone_____________________

Association Name: Hasley Hills HOA                         Account #:                           

I would like to request approval for the following architectural changes. I have attached copies
of the blueprints for the work that I am requesting to be done.

          **Please be as detailed as possible**






1.     Description of proposed improvements/landscaping.  Specify plant variety by name for trees, shrubs and ground cover.

2.     Complete dimensions of proposed improvement (If landscape, hardscape pools, spa or patio cover you must have a drawing)

3.     Description of materials, color scheme and color samples.

4.     Distance from adjacent lot/unit and property lines.

Estimated Start Date:  _________ Estimated Completion Date:  _________   Actual Completion Date: ___________


The attached planned improvements and plans were made available to the undersigned neighbors for review


                                                                ____       Date:                                                                                                        ____       Date:                       

Neighbor’s Signature & Address Left Side (Facing House)                               Neighbor’s Signature & Address Right Side (Facing House)

I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT no work on this request shall commence until written approval has been granted by the Architectural Control
Committee. I agree to complete all improvements and maintain my lot in accordance with my approved plans, the Rules and Regulation, By-Laws,
CC&R’s and any other governing documents of the Association. ACC approval does not give me permission to violate any of the Hasley Hills governing

Submitted by:                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Address:                                                                                                                                Date:                                                     

For Architectural Committee Use Only:

(  ) Approved         (  ) Disapproved            (  ) Further Information Required

Committee Comments or Corrections:


Architectural Control Committee Signatures:                                                                                                       Date:______________