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HOA Collection & Delinquency Policy

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 Billing Statements

Homeowners receive monthly billing coupons prior to the first of each month    However it is the owner of record’s responsibility to pay each assessment in full each month regardless of the receipt of a statement or coupon.   Their homeowner accounts are assessed on the first of each month. 

Delinquent Assessments

Payments are due on the first (1st) of each month and are considered delinquent on the fifteenth  (15th) of that month.  If payment is not received within the 15 days of the stated due date, a $10 late fee will be assessed to the homeowners account. 

If the account remains delinquent on the fifteenth (15th) of the second month, a $10 late charge is assessed and the homeowner is given 10 days to bring their account current.  A $10 late charge is assessed each month thereafter as long as the account remains delinquent in assessments.

If the account is not brought current, the homeowner’s account is assessed $100 for preparing the delinquent owner’s collection file to be sent to the Association’s legal counsel or Association’s representative for a certified pre-lien warning.  If payment in full is not received by the Association within the timeframe requested by the attorney or the representative, a lien can be recorded against the property as outlined to the homeowner in the pre-lien letter.

If the lien is not satisfied within thirty (30) days, the Board may elect to foreclose on the lien to collect payment in full if the delinquent assessments are equal to or exceed $1800 or the assessment are 12 months delinquent.

All collection and legal fees will be the responsibility of the homeowner.


Interest in the amount of 12% per annum will be assessed on the last day of each month.  Homeowners who are charged interest will receive a statement showing the total amount owed once interest has been applied.

Small Claims

The Association may also proceed to collect through small claims action

Application of Monies

Any monies received will be collected in the following order:  first current and prior delinquent assessments, special assessments, late charges, legal fees, recreation center key replacement fees, C&R fines, NSF bank charges and finally, any miscellaneous charges.


Revised 12/2008