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Hasley Hills
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Fine Schedule and Enforcement Policy
September 01, 2004

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Halsey Hills HOA Fine Schedule and Enforcement Policy

Below is the Enforcement Policy and Fine Schedule for the Hasley Hills Community.  The primary objective for the Board of Directors Rules Enforcement Policy is rule compliance.  The California Civil Code requires all Associations to publish a fine schedule.

Schedule of Fines

Landscape Maintenance Violation:     $25.00 per week
Trash Cans:         $25.00 per week
Quite Enjoyment (Nuisance):              $25.00 per week
Maintenance of Animals:   $25.00 per week
Parking Violation:     $40.00 per week
Architectural Violation:     $25.00 - $100 per week
Front and Rear Yard Installation Violation:          $25.00 - $100 per week
ACC Application Violation:    

 (An ACC Application must be submitted and approved before any architectural improvements can be made. If the application is not submitted and approved prior to commencement of the work, fines can be imposed from the day work began, after the appropriate notice and hearing,)
$100.00 per week


This above list is not complete or comprehensive.  All other violations not listed or specified above will result in reasonable fines up to $500.00 per week.

The payment of any and all legal fees and costs incurred by the Association to enforce violations or collect fines shall be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Homeowners are responsible for damage caused to the common area.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform their tenants of the rules and regulations.  The homeowner is responsible for any common area damaged caused by the tenants.


First Violation:                   A courtesy letter citing the specific violation(s) and requesting correction of said vioaltion(s). 

Second Violation:              A letter sent requesting the homeowner to appear at a hearing before the Board of Directors (or their appointed designees) to address the cited violation(s).  The letter will identify the nature of the violation(s), date, time and location of the hearing.  If the homeowner fails to appear at the hearing or provide written evidence on his/her behalf, a monetary penalty will then be imposed against the homeowner.  The Board of Directors will notify the homeowner, in writing, of its decision.

Continuing Violation:        The Board may impose a continuing monetary penalty, assessed on a weekly basis, without additional notice or hearing, until the infraction or violation has been remedied.  (A continuing violation is a violation of an ongoing nature which has not been corrected.)  

Repeat Violation:               Hearing Letter to Homeowner. 

(A repeat violation occurs when a person violates the same provision of the Association’s governing document more than once and has already been given the appropriate warnings and  hearing.  A repeated violation will result in an immediate doubling of fines.)

There may be a repeat, continuing violation, in which case fines (which have been doubled) will be assessed on a weekly basis until the violation is corrected.