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"We Look Out For Each Other"

From Hasley Hills Neighborhood Watch Chairman

Keep Those Volunteers Coming!

With the latest heightened burglaries in our community…..it is extremely important that our neighborhood Watch Program not only gets off the ground again and becomes a success.  According to the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department, a good Neighborhood Watch requires 75% participation from residents. With  739 homes and 33 streets in Hasley Hills, we need many more volunteers. We need volunteers to be block captains and everyone needs to be aware of and report suspicious behavior.  Let’s all meet this challenge with a positive attitude and help make sure our families live in the safest neighborhood possible.

To volunteer  as a Block Captain for your street, e-mail John Toungaian at
jtoungaian@ca.rr.com .

We need Block Captains for the following streets:

1. Milbrook Pl
2. Alton Way (need 3)
3. Liverpool Court
4. Cambridge (need 4)
5. Gibralter Ln (need 3)
6. Bridelwood St (need 3)
7. Berkshire Pl
8. Byron Pl
9. Creekbed Rd
10. Holmby Ct
11. Kessler Ct
12. Loudon Ct
13. Medford Pl
14 Penrose Pl
15. Pickford Pl
16. Shadow Pl
17. Somerset Ct
18. Thorne Ct.


 The role of the Block Captain is relatively simple and does not require much of your time.

  • Be a spokesperson for your part of our neighborhood. Know your neighbor and your neighborhood.

  • Communicate information about Hasley Hills Community Neighborhood Watch Program. The Hasley Hills Neighborhood Watch Program consists of a Chairman and Neighborhood Watch Block Captains. Block Captains are assigned to specific Hasley Hills geographical areas in our community. 

  • Help organize and arrange Neighborhood Watch meetings for your area.

  • Maintain a list of members. Ensure all existing and new neighbors have current Hasley Hills Directory contact information current and correct. Create a personal e-mail distribution list of all the neighbors in your Area for rapid communication of Neighborhood  Alerts and Neighborhood Watch information.

  • Recognize and report all suspicious activity to the Santa Clarita Valley  Sheriff’s Station (255-1121)


Crime Watch: Keeping Your Home Safe

Burglaries, one common problem, happen most often when residents are not home.  The Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department  offers this tips:

·         Get to know your neighbors. They will know what’s normal at your house and are most likely to spot
    suspicious  activity.

·         Let your neighbors know when you are away on vacation so they can keep an eye on your house.

·         Lock all doors and windows

·         Use timers to turn on lights periodically.

·         Stop your mail and newspapers, or ask a neighbor to collect them for you so they don’t pile up outside.

·         If you are going away on vacation, notify the Sheriff’s office and a volunteer deputy aid  will drive by your
    home regularly to make sure it looks OK.

·         If you are home alone, don’t answer the door to a stranger if you feel uncomfortable. Or answer with a
    phone to your ear so the person thinks you are in contact with someone and not totally alone.


SCV Sheriff Info

Santa Clarita Valley  Sheriff’s Station (255-1121)


Security Handbook



Going out of Town?

Call the Sheriff's Office House Watch Program, they'll keep any eye on your property for you.  Register your home with the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Office.  This service, devised and implemented by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, calls for a Los Angeles County Sheriff Volunteer to check your home several times daily while you're away.  It's so easy to participate. Just call 661 -255-1121 and inform the Sheriff's dispatcher you would like to place your home on the House Watch Program. Then answer a few simple questions pertaining to your home and that's it – enjoy your time away with peace of mind.  



The Hasley Hills Homeowners Association, Board of Directors and the Management Company provide general information regarding security matters within the community as a courtesy to the members.  The Association does not take responsibility for providing security to individual owner’s property and safety.  The HOA does not report various crimes and incidences that occur within the Hasley Hills Association or adjoining neighborhoods.  Neither the Association nor any Association Agent guarantees the accuracy of the information provided to the membership regarding safety and security issues.  Any Resident having a concern about safety and security is encouraged to contact the local law enforcement agency that services the community.